Fall Play

Fall Play - Girls in the Boat
Posted on 12/05/2022
Fall Play - Girls in the BoatRamapo's Gold Masque presented the play "Girls In The Boat" by Alice Austen. "Girls in the Boat" was inspired by the true stories of the U.S. women’s Olympic rowing team. A group of smart, fiery young women fight discrimination and prejudice to compete in the male-dominated sport of rowing, finding an unlikely ally in a taciturn men’s coach. Together, they confront ridicule and overcome the many obstacles set before them. As our heroines break barriers of race and gender, their newly minted U.S. women’s rowing team goes on to become the most winning sports team in American history. "Girls In The Boat" is a wonderful opportunity for this play to be produced by Gold Masque as we recognize the 50th anniversary of Title IX this year.