Student Assistance Program

GOAL: To provide leadership in the development of substance abuse prevention, intervention and referral in the school and to coordinate these activities with community agencies and organizations.

Services Provided:

A. Counseling:

  1. Provide short-term individual and/or group counseling for students with substance abuse, behavioral or emotional concerns.
  2. Address the needs of students in crisis at the request of the building principal and in accordance with district procedures.
  3. Provide intervention, recommendation for referral and follow-up support for those students placed in out-patient or residential treatment programs.
  4. Work in cooperation with treatment facility, counselors, parents, school personnel and students in developing and following through with the aftercare plan for students placed in residential or out-patient programs.
  5. Facilitate conferences with parents or child’s guardian to review, discuss and/or implement appropriate steps and stages of intervention and options.
  6. Promote a pro-active approach for students in abstaining from substance use through the implementation of a variety of programs and activities. (i.e., TNT Program, Student Ambassador Program, Speakers, Municipal Alliances, various other programs ) 


B. Staff Consultation:

  1. Serve as a resource to district personnel on substance awareness/abuse issues as well as mental and behavioral health issues.
  2. Assist with the development and review of policies and procedures regarding drugs and alcohol use, substance abuse and chemical health education, and recommends changes to the administration.
  3. Assist the administration in the implementation of substance abuse policies including, but not limited to student drug testing.
  4. Assist in the identification and review of instructional materials for possible purchase and use.


C. Student and Parent Orientation:

  1. Provide information to students and parents concerning the Student Assistance Program.
  2. Meet with students in various classes (i.e., Health, Psychology) to discuss stress and anxiety issues, substance abuse awareness and to familiarize them with the Student Assistance Program.
  3. Plan and implement, in cooperation with district personnel, community agencies and parent groups, programs related to substance awareness and other concerns.
  4. Assist in the coordination of supplemental programs like guest speakers and health agencies for student awareness and support.


D. Intervention & Referral Services and 504

  1. Serves as a representative on the I&RS committee and assists in 504 implementation.


F. Professional Development:

  1. Maintain professional standards through readings, attendance at conferences, workshops, memberships in professional organizations and other relevant activities in accordance with district guidelines.
  2. Maintain a continuing review of statutes and codes related to drug and alcohol programming.
  3. Provide training for school staff in intervention and referral procedures.


G. School and Community Relations:

  1. Serve as a member of the Franklin Lanes and Oakland Municipal Alliance Committees.
  2. Provide coordination of school-based prevention programs with community-based prevention programs.
  3. Active participation as a school liaison to appropriate community, county and state groups and organizations in accordance with district procedures.
  4. Work in cooperation with resources available within the school district (i.e. child study team, guidance counselors, administration, teachers, nurse, etc.)
  5. Strive to establish cooperative relations and make reasonable effort to communicate with parents as necessary.
  6. Cooperate and shares professionally with members of the staff.
  7. Maintain and regularly updates a directory of referral services to be utilized in crisis situations affecting students.
  8. Serve as a member of the school-community Crisis Intervention Team.