The Ramapo Indian Hills High School Counseling Program plays a vital role in supporting the academic, social/emotional and post high school planning components of student success. In following a scope and sequence of activities, the School Counseling Department ensures each student participates in their own development, both as an individual and as a member of the larger high school community.

Academic Planning: Counselors assist students in developing a course of study appropriate to student's level, interest, and possible career path.

Post High School Planning: Counselors assist students in gaining knowledge about their own interests and skills by making use of assessments (skills and knowledge inventories, personality type/learning style assessors, etc.), use of the technology-based program Naviance, and individual counseling to develop an ongoing plan for life beyond high school.

Social/Emotional Support: Counselors can help students with a wide range of issues including but not limited to decision-making skills, transitions, time management skills, and learning how to manage peer relationships.

Counselors meet with students on both an individual basis and in a group settings throughout the student's high school career. Students may make an appointment with their counselor by completing an appointment request slip in the School Counseling Office. Their counselor will schedule them for an appointment and send a student pass during their homeroom. Counselors are available to students throughout the day and practice an "open door" policy whenever possible. Emergency situations will be handled on an individual basis.