Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program offers a wide range of coeducational and elective activities for our students, whenever facilities permit. Objectives of our program include promoting leadership, teamwork, and healthy behaviors. We strive to contribute to our student’s overall emotional, physical, and social development by providing a variety of invigorating, unique, and instructive learning opportunities to facilitate the development of individual fine motor, fitness, and interpersonal skills.

District Subject Supervisor
Rich Burton, 2257

Health and Physical Education Staff Members:

Eileen Shemon -, 5095

Leslie Stephen -,  5100

Karen Szura -, 5102

Sandy Gordon -, 5121

Karli Basilicato -, 5143

Drew Gibbs -, 5128

Nick Guttuso -, 5168

Jim Hague -, 5046

Dave Van Hook -, 5108 

Mike Yasosky - 5118

Christopher Anzano - 6164