Medical Forms

All Forms are Due to your coach and each coach has a mailbox in the Athletic Director's Office.

Please note, all upperclassmen (grades 10-12) must download all forms and submitted to the Nurses Office. No forms will be mailed home. 

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The School Nurses

Sports Forms / Annual Physical / Transfer Physical (see explanation below): Action Plans / Medication Forms (ALL student's physicians must fill these out for medication to be provided in school):

The forms below MUST be filled out using Family ID. Please click the link below to register.

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  • Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet
  • Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Brochure
  • NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy
  • Athletic Emergency Card

Explanation of Forms:

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form (Download)

This form is comprised of 4 separate pages. All 4 of these pages must be completed by BOTH Parent and Doctor.

This form is valid for 365 days. If you have a valid physical evaluation form on file in nurse's office the only form you need to complete and submit to the nurse is the Health History Update Questionnaire.

Health History Update Questionnaire (Download)

If you have a valid Pre Participation Physical Form on file in nurse's office (valid for 365 days) you need to only complete and submit the Health History Update Questionnaire. A Parent MUST sign and date this form.

This form must be dated within 90 days of start of every sports season.

If your Pre Participation Physical Form expires, (over 365 days) during your athlete's season, you must submit a new updated physical to school nurse for your child to continue to participate.

Please be mindful that all “YES" questions on Health History Update Questionnaire must be explained. All sports forms are reviewed and cleared by our school physician.