The goal of the RIH English program is to provide students with opportunities to explore the important role that literature and language play in their personal and academic lives. While the English program stresses proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, it also provides experiences and activities that help students become discriminating users of print and non-print media. Literary and media works, selected for both excellence in content and style and relevance to student interests, promote humanistic attitudes, aesthetic appreciation, and critical evaluation skills. Ultimately, the English Department is committed to helping students recognize and appreciate the power, art, and craft of written and verbal communication as the critical bridges between them and the 21st century world around them. 

Nancy Blomquist
Supervisor of English and Media Center
Ramapo High School
331 George Street Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
201-891-1500 ext. 2252

Ramapo English Department Members

Thomas Basili
 ext. 5010 
Ornella Eustice oeustice@rih.org  ext. 5038

Melissa Ferro (*Media Specialist)

mferro@rih.org  ext. 5041
Mary Krawczyk
ext. 6248

Corrin Manzo cmanzo@rih.org  ext. 5123
Heather Manzo hmanzo@rih.org  ext. 5061
William Manzo wmanzo@rih.org  ext. 5070
Megan Mitchell mmitchell@rih.org  ext. 5247

Austin Murphy-Park

amurphy-park@rih.org  ext. 6234
Keri Myones kmyones@rih.org ext. 5150

Jonathan Samarro  jsamarro@rih.org  ext. 5092
Deborah Schwarz dschwarz@rih.org  ext. 5094
Jamie Sporn jsporn@rih.org  ext. 5099
Kathleen Steier ksteier@rih.org  ext. 5162
Kathleen Whaley kwhaley@rih.org  ext. 5113