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The Seal of Biliteracy

The Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District is participating in the New Jersey Department of Education’s Seal of Biliteracy Program, which recognizes high school students who have attained a level of proficiency in both English and another language. Students are recognized for this accomplishment with a State Seal of Biliteracy Certificate and a seal placed on the student’s transcript. This can be used to showcase a student’s dedication and commitment to attaining a bilingual (or multilingual) achievement.   Eleventh grade students who are currently enrolled in a Level 4H or AP are invited to participate in proficiency testing (STAMP Language Test) in Chinese, French, Italian, or Spanish.

Students who are interested in taking the STAMP Test can email Michele Thomas @[email protected] using their school email address to express their interest.

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                      Bienvenidos ~ Benvenuto ~ Bienvenue ~ 歡迎

Welcome to the Ramapo Indian Hills High School World Languages Department.  The RIH District currently offers courses of study in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish at a variety of academic levels.  We pride ourselves on offering a program that focuses on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication while engaging our students in 21st century skills.  Our teachers utilize best practices in their content areas and create Integrated Performance Assessments.  We are encouraging our students to explore the language, the culture, and become global thinkers; by making cultural connections and comparisons, we become sensitive to diversity and learn more about ourselves as individuals and citizens in an ever-changing world.

Ramapo World Language Department Staff Members

World Languages Subject Supervisor

Michele Hill Thomas     

[email protected]

Voicemail extension:  2253


Ting Liu - [email protected]


Pierre Barreau - [email protected]
Maria Tombalakian- [email protected]


Elisa Britnell - [email protected] 

Leonardo Castano - [email protected] 

Laura Astorina - [email protected]


Christina Berens- [email protected]
Luz Ciprian - [email protected] 
Concepcion Fernandez - [email protected] 
Josephine Kelly - [email protected] - Voicemail extension: 5063
H Ospina - [email protected] - Voicemail extension: 5082
Angela Rodriguez - [email protected] - Voicemail extension: 5122
Michele Hill Thomas - [email protected] - Voicemail extension: 2253

Clubs & Activities

French Club - Advisor: Mrs. Maria Tombalakian

Italian Club - Advisor: Mr. Leonardo Castano

Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. Christina Berens

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World Language National Honor Society

Advisor: Angela Rodriguez

  • Chinese Honor Society:  中文荣誉学会
  • French Honor Society:  Société Honoraire de Français
  • Italian Honor Society:  Società Onoraria Italica, Dante Alghieri
  • Spanish Honor Society:  Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Capítulo Antonio Maceo

The purpose of the World Language Honor Society is to recognize high achievement in the study of languages by students in our school and promote continuity and interest in the study of foreign languages. It is for those who have shown and proven a deep interest while studying a foreign language. Ramapo High School is proud to offer four National Honor Societies for our students.

The induction ceremony is held in the senior year.  Qualifications for membership induction are as follows:


In order to qualify for induction,

  • The student must be a senior.
  • The senior must have completed three consecutive years of the same language at the high school level.
  • The senior must have earned a final grade of B+ or better in all Honors level language courses (A- in all CPE courses).
  • Although it is preferred, it is not necessary for the senior to be enrolled in the 4th year of the language, provided that s/he has successfully taken at least 1 honors course; receiving a B+ or better in all H courses, and an A- or better in all CPE courses.


In order to qualify for induction,

  • The student must be a senior.
  • The senior must have completed 3 consecutive years of the same language at the high school level.
  • The senior must have earned a final grade of A- or better in all CPE level courses
  • The senior must be enrolled in the 4th year of the language.  

All students who become members of the WLNHS must maintain their membership status by:

  • Maintaining an average of A- or better in all CPE language courses and/or B+ or better in all Honors/AP language courses.
  • Participating in the WLNHS tutoring program:  a peer-tutoring schedule will be organized whereby the students are expected to offer academic assistance to fellow students enrolled in lower level language courses.
  • Participating in WLNHS service projects (to be determined yearly by the advisor.  
  • Attending monthly WLNHS meetings
  • A member may be removed from any of the WLNHS Chapters at the discretion of the Chapter Sponsor, the WLNHS Advisor, and/or Administration, for failure to maintain grades as described above, failure to maintain membership status, misconduct, insubordination, or any other infraction deemed serious by the Administration.

*All incoming freshmen (class of 2022) will be held to these new requirements.  All other RIH students (class of 2019, 2020, 2021) will be allowed to follow the requirements that better benefit their ability to become members.