Each year, students begin to work with their school counselors to make course selections for the following school year. The process includes input from the student, parent, teachers, and the school counselor. Student placement in Honors or Advanced Placement courses is based upon a number of factors including prerequisites, teacher recommendations, and classroom performance. Later in the year, parents and students will have access to an online “course selection” verification sheet to confirm the students’ choices. On the basis of the course requests in March, the Superintendent and the Board of Education make decisions on budgeting and staffing needs for the following year in preparing to develop the master schedule. Courses listed in the Program of Studies will run based upon student subscription, staff availability, and school administration discretion. Any changes or new selection of courses will not be guaranteed and will be contingent on the number of available sections and the space allowed in each section. Prior to the end of the 2018- 2019 school year, preliminary schedules will be sent home that will include the levels of courses. After the preliminary schedules are sent to students, changes to schedules will be accepted for clerical errors, graduation requirements, summer school attendance, and course availability with electives.

The master schedule will be finalized on August 16, 2019 and final student schedules, including courses, teachers, and room numbers, will be mailed home in late August. Students may make schedule changes of an educationally sound nature, including dropping and/or adding courses, after the second day of classes until September 20, 2019 for all elective courses and September 27, 2019 for course level changes.  

From the dates listed above until October 18, 2019, a student may drop a course, but NOT ADD a course, and the dropped course will not appear on the transcript.

Effective October 21, 2019, all courses in which a student is enrolled must be completed regardless of grade or progress in the course.

The add/drop period for Semester 2 English courses will take place during the first week (5 school days) of the third marking period, and is contingent on class size and availability.  The English Supervisor will grant final approval for add / drop for the Semester 2 English courses during this time period. Please note that all seniors must successfully complete 5 credits of English to be eligible for graduation, and students who make changes to their schedule for Semester 2 must inform colleges and universities of those changes as part of the application / admissions process.  


If a student is in disagreement with the course level recommendation made by their classroom teacher for the upcoming school year, then a student may request an override form from their counselor. The override form requires both a student and parent signature. Stipulated on the override form is that the student is waiving “the privilege of changing levels or courses in this subject area at any time” during the academic year. It is recommended that careful consideration be made by the student when contemplating overriding into a higher level than what was recommended by their classroom teacher. An override form does not preclude a student from taking a prerequisite course. If a situation should develop with a course being closed due to limitations on class size, then scheduling preference will be given to students recommended for the class(es).