504 and I&RS

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)

The Ramapo High School I&RS Team consists of an interdisciplinary group of professional educators created to provide strategies for helping “at risk” students. Students are referred to the I&RS Team for various reasons including, but not limited to: academics, behavior, medical, and/or social-emotional difficulties. The I&RS Team meets regularly to monitor student progress and develop strategies to help students be more successful in school.

Once a student is referred, the I&RS Team reviews the referral and gathers data from the appropriate people involved with the student. The Team will then develop strategies with the student and their teacher/s that will assist the student in being more successful in a general education setting. The I&RS Team will continue to monitor the student’s progress throughout the school year and adjust strategies, as necessary. The I&RS Team will also provide support, guidance and professional development, as necessary, to school staff supporting our students that are experiencing difficulties.  The end result of I&RS activities should be student improvement through direct assistance to the student or support to staff who play a role in the student’s school day. If several strategies and attempts are deemed ineffective for a period of time, the I&RS Team may refer the student to the Child Study Team to determine if further evaluation is necessary.

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