Clubs / Activities

Ramapo High School offers more than 35 clubs that are available to all students grades 9 through 12.  A wide array of choices offers students the chance to become involved in after school activities.  There are scholastic based groups, such as, Academic Decathlon, Debate Club, Biology and Chemistry Teams.  Also offered are civic groups, such as, Environmental Club, Interact Club and the Holiday Festival.  Of course, just for fun there is also the Ski Club, Drama Club, the Yearbook, the School Newspaper, Choir and Band.  Plus many more listed below. 

All clubs meet after school from September through May.


ADVISORS:  Meredith Noah - [email protected]  
Hailee Gregory - [email protected]

Academic Decathlon is a competitive team that welcomes students of all grade levels, regardless of GPA.  Students meet regularly from October through March to prepare for competition with the goal of advancing to Nationals.  Practice times vary in order to be accessible to students involved in other activities and sports.  Each year there is a dedicated theme (such as World War II) and compete in Social Studies, Science, Math, Economics, Literature, Art and Music pertaining to that theme.  Select students will also participate in Speech, Interview and Essay.  Both team and individual awards are earned at each competition.  Parent Volunteers are needed for competition.


ADVISOR (Editorial):   Traci Maturo - [email protected]
 Scott Dempster - [email protected]
ADVISOR (Business):  Tom Witterschein - [email protected]

This activity, open to all interested students, culminates in the production of an annual yearbook, which is available for purchase every year. Representing all grade levels, it contains pictures, articles, and a myriad of memories surrounding each school year. Students may elect to work on any or all phases of the yearbook production including photography, editorial, layout, business, art, and computer production. This is a perfect activity for meeting new people and getting involved in an important high school endeavor. Applications for joining the yearbook can be obtained from the advisor in the spring or at the beginning of the school year.


ADVISOR:  Cynthia Vander Molen - [email protected]

Amnesty International is a student off-shoot of the largest organization devoted to recognizing universal human rights and freeing political prisoners and prisoners of conscience around the world. The group meets twice a month, and all are welcome to attend meetings at any time. 


ADVISOR: Sean Quirk - [email protected]

All students interested in Art may meet weekly in Room 817.  Students can work on projects from their respective art classes, explore their own unique artistic voice with the medium of their choice, or work with Mr. Quirk on projects specific to the Club.  There is no formal membership, students can sign in and out when they like!  Creativity, an open mind and community are essential!  Come create with us!


ADVISOR:  Erik Sloezen - [email protected]

The Ramapo High School Raider Marching Band is a volunteer organization for student’s grades 9-12, performing at varsity football games, local competitions, pep rallies and community events. Recognized by Bergen Health and Life's magazine as the "Favorite Local Marching Band", the Raider Band has won top awards in marching, music, color guard and percussion. The band was selected to represent the State of New Jersey in the National Memorial Day Parade, Washington, DC in 2014 and 2018. In addition, our students enjoy marching down Main Street for the Magic Kingdom parades every four years.


ADVISOR:  Mark Friedman - [email protected]

This is a group of 22 members who play the finest in traditional and contemporary jazz band music. Membership is by audition only and meets one evening a week.

In recent years the Jazz Ensemble has performed in Virginia Beach, Disney World and on Jason Malletman's Time Warner/CTV show "Mallet's Place", broadcast in Staten Island, NY, Los Angeles and in Maine. We have also performed at world famous Trumpet's Jazz Club in Montclair NJ.


ADVISOR:  Erik Sloezen - [email protected]

The Ramapo High School Symphonic Band is open to all students grades 9 – 12.  The band rehearses during the day for 2.5 or 5 academic credits and performs the Holiday Concert, the FLOW Band Festival, the Spring Concert and Graduation. In addition the Symphonic Band has been selected for performance In Orlando, FL, Anaheim, CA, Virginia Beach, VA, Toronto, Canada, Cleveland, OH, Hershey, PA and Washington, DC. Beginners welcome.


ADVISOR:  Erik Sloezen -

The Ramapo High School Wind Ensemble is open to all students grades 9 – 12
by audition only.  The band rehearses during the day for 5 academic credits and performs the Holiday Concert, the FLOW Band Festival, the Spring Concert and Graduation. In addition the Wind Ensemble has been selected for performance In Orlando, FL, Anaheim, CA, Virginia Beach, VA, Toronto, Canada, Cleveland, OH, Hershey, PA and Washington, DC.


ADVISOR I:  Greg Hudak - [email protected]
ADVISOR II:  Kim Angerson - [email protected]

Students taking the course may express interest in joining in the Fall. They meet once a week for practice after school prior to four interschool meets, which are held once a month in January through April. Members also participate once a year in State Science Day in May.


ADVISORS: (I) Edward Salaski - [email protected]
(II) Peter Kanefke - [email protected]

Students taking first-year or advanced placement chemistry may express interest in joining Chemistry I or Chemistry II League, respectively, in early Fall.  Each team meets once a week for practice after school prior to four interschool New Jersey Science League meets, which are held monthly from January through April.


ADVISOR:  Emily Reitter - [email protected] 

Do you enjoy singing?  At home?  On stage?  In the shower?  Come join Concert Choir!  This course is open to students in grades 9-12 and can be taken for 2.5 or 5 credits.  Students sing a varied repertoire of music in many genres with their peers and develop their voices and learn to read music.  Students also perform in a winter and spring concert.


ADVISOR:  Emily Reitter - [email protected] 

We know you LOVE singing!  Chamber Choir is for the more seasoned singer in grades 10-12, and meets every day for 5 credits.  Students sing a varied repertoire of music and continue to develop vocal and music reading skills.  An audition for the instructor is required.  Students perform in a winter and spring concert.


         ADVISOR: Jamie Sporn - [email protected]

The RIH Dance Team explores the world of dance and performance.  The RIH Dance Team includes students from both schools, freshmen through seniors. We perform at multiple dance festivals throughout the school year along with performances at basketball games. This team allows dancers to expand their dance experience through different genres such as hip hop, lyrical, jazz and modern. Tryouts/evaluations are required at the initial practices and experience of some level of dancing is expected. Bus transportation to Ramapo High School will be provided for Indian Hills’ students. Team practices take place every Friday, commencing September 13, 2019, at the Ramapo High School dance studio with the initial practice and sign up on that day.


ADVISOR:  Maryanne Kopp - [email protected] 

The Ramapo Indian Hills District Debate Team is open to all students who are serious about learning the art of debate.  The club meets several times a month from September through May.  Experienced debaters introduce new members to formal debate.  Practice debates are held in the fall to prepare for competitive debates.  The club is affiliated with the North Jersey Debate League which hosts interscholastic debate tournaments.  There are Junior Varsity or novice competitions for beginners, and daylong Varsity tournaments for experienced debaters.


ADVISOR:  Gale Fanale - [email protected] 

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.  DECA Members Gain 21st Century Skills.  DECA Members are Prepared to Become Leaders.  DECA Members are Motivated for the Future.  There are regional, State and National competitions testing the delegates business and leadership skills.


ADVISOR:  Rebecca Corrado - [email protected] 

The purpose of the Gold Masque organization is to promote interest in drama and theater by involving and entertaining the student body. Two major productions are usually presented, and auditions are held prior to each for acting parts. Students may also express interest at that time for participation in other aspects of theater including acting, properties, makeup, directing, choreography, stage crew, costumes, and other aspects of production. Auditions are held in early September for the November performance and mid-January for the musical performed in the Spring. Parental participation is needed and welcome


ADVISOR:  Kim Angerson - [email protected] 

An environmental and animal rights group which promotes its ideals through celebration of Earth Day in April, attending local awareness activities, book recycling, letter writing campaigns to various legislators, and handing out literature to students. We have guest speakers, informative videos and make T-shirts. Meets twice a month September to June. Everyone is welcome.

         FILM CLUB

          ADVISORAmy Miller - [email protected]

Ramapo Film Club (RFC) is for anyone who has a passion for film.  We provide a place to meet up on a weekly basis and watch a variety of films chosen, researched, and introduced by our members.  Afterwards, we hold a casual discussion on the film, as well as socialize over drinks and snacks.  Some highlights include an annual Academy Award party, field trips, special movie meet-ups, and more. Parent-signed permission slips are required in order to view R-rated films for any members under the age of 17. 


ADVISOR: Clare Davanzo - [email protected]


ADVISOR:  Kim Angerson - [email protected] 

Interested students meet once a week after school or during study hall to learn greenhouse techniques and help maintain healthy plants in our own greenhouse.


ADVISOR:  Angela Rodriguez - [email protected] 

The Holiday Festival is an annual planned day of festivities at Ramapo for approximately 350 children from the Roberto Clemente elementary school in Paterson.  Many leadership positions are available on activity committees, which meet everyday after school from September through December.  Requirements are a desire to be part of a service, a willingness to commit the necessary time and being a positive role model.


ADVISOR:  Thomas Basili - [email protected] 
Assistant:   Alexandra Tomaselli - [email protected]

The Interact Club is a community service club that plans and participates in social activities that benefit the less fortunate in our community, nation, and the world.  Interact members do everything from tutoring elementary school students in Paterson, helping to run the Buddy Walk at the Wyckoff YMCA supporting those with Down Syndrome, our annual Coffee House with student performers to raise money for different causes, food packaging for the needy, shoe/clothing and book drives, and many other programs that support health, service and interacting with others.  Meetings are held once a week.


ADVISOR:  Thomas Basili - [email protected]


ADVISOR:  Maria Tombalakian - [email protected] 

The French Club is a channel for cultural and linguistic exchange.  It welcomes all students who take French at our school.  It is a great extra curricular activity that offers students a taste of French culture through documentaries, trivia games, music, food, film and a whole lot more! 


ADVISOR:  Leo Castano - [email protected] 

The group meets twice a month. Club members have cultural activities as well as an Italian feast and field trips throughout the year. 


ADVISOR:Christina Berens - [email protected]

This club meets twice a month. The first meeting is for the officers and the second is for all members. The club fills the piñatas for the Holiday Festival, makes Spanish food throughout the year, goes on a trip to New York City to see Spanish dances or a play, and offers dance classes once a year to its members. It contributes to worthy causes, money for which is raised through bake sales.


ADVISOR:  Gale Fanale - [email protected]


ADVISOR:  John Gaccione - [email protected] 

The Mathematics team participates in two different Math Leagues with approximately 12 meets at the county and state levels.  Additionally, team members get priority entrance in the annual, National American Mathematics Contest, hosted at our school.  Their purpose is to provide stimulation and opportunity for those students who wish to pursue mathematics beyond the regular classroom activities.  They participate as individuals and as a group depending on the competition.  All grade and ability levels are welcome.


ADVISOR:  Hailee Gregory - [email protected]

The Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition ("Competition") has been created for the purpose of developing an understanding of the American legal system by high school students.  The New Jersey State Bar Association devises  a new case annually, rotating between one of civil and criminal nature.  The Ramapo Mock Trial team works on case analysis, forming arguments for competition and then "acting out" the case against other competing Bergen County high schools.  The team is composed of student-attorneys, student witnesses and jury members.  Skills that are utilized in Mock Trial include strong communication skills, critical analytical skills, and theatrics in competition.  Larger goals include understanding proper courtroom decorum, including respect for the Bergen County Courthouse where competitions take place.  Preparation begins in the fall for the January competitions.  The team receives support from a volunteer Attorney-Coach currently practicing in the field.   


ADVISOR:  Michael Verdon - [email protected]

Open to all students with an interest in foreign relations, the Model United Nations club attempts to solve the world’s problems through international co-operation. Meetings are held once a month and we try to attend as many conferences as we can during the year.  Conferences usually run over a two-day span, and are where the students work together with delegates from other schools to save the world. In Model United Nations students work on their research skills, negotiations, compromise, international diplomacy, and oration, to become better students and global citizens.


ADVISOR:   Patricia Eichealaub - [email protected]


ADVISOR:  Lisa Higbie - [email protected]


ADVISOR: Tyler Wadhams - [email protected]

Members meet after school in study groups to prepare for labs, projects, and competitions. Competition teams represent the school in NJAAPT Physics Olympics and Science League and State Science Day in May. 


ADVISOR:  Heather Manzo - [email protected] 

The school newspaper is written for and about the school, its students, and all activities.  Publication averages 5-6 issues annually. The students do all desktop production. The paper has both editorial and business staffs. Meetings are called for editors and staff prior to the planning of assignments and production of each issue. All students are encouraged to submit a word-processed article for publication. Distribution takes place through homeroom and lunch sales. A full-year subscription mailed to the home is available.


ADVISOR: Danielle Migliacci - [email protected]

This club supports production of Rampage, our school newspaper, by canvassing ads, holding various fundraisers, maintaining a database for distribution of the newspaper and by maintaining a budget as well as forecasting future expenditures.  In addition, the club is responsible for managing subscriptions to our community, staff and students. 


ADVISOR: Megan Casey - [email protected] 

A new edition of the school newspaper is available via the school website.  This interactive school website permits timely posting of articles and photos of activities at Ramapo High School and within the community.  All students are welcome to join.

RIH COMPETITIVE DANCE TEAM- Advisors: Rachel Marsanico - [email protected]  

A competitive dance team of more experienced dancers and the opportunity to represent Ramapo at competitions against other NJ high schools. Our goal would be to attend at least 4 competitions within New Jersey from January thru February, and hopefully qualify for a national competition in March which is typically out-of-state. Fundraisers to help raise funds for traveling and costumes might include selling stickers or car magnets, and Ramapo dance team merchandise with personalized logo.  Dancers would purchase jackets to be worn at competitions as is customary.

Dancer tryouts would be essential to build a talented team capable of being competitive at events. Practices may begin at school in September so that the team can be prepared for the first competition of the season after holiday break.

RIH MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB - Advisor: Rich Burton - [email protected]
and John Russo - [email protected]

Students interested in Mountain Biking (Beginners and Experienced Riders are Welcome) will be taught/review a range of basic skills associated with MTB trail riding including braking, gearing, cornering, climbing, and descending.
Meetings and group rides will take place every Wednesday after school at the Indian Hills MTB Trail next to the tennis courts and will include a 15-minute warm-up followed by a 45' trail ride around and through the IHHS campus.
Mr. Russo will serve as assistant coach and trail maintenance/engineering coordinator. The development of three clearly marked safe trails at both high schools will be the goal this year.  
beginner trail for comfort riding and technique development. An intermediate mogul trail for utilizing shocks and continuous flow. A narrow trail for focused Corning skills. Basic hand tools will be used to terraform and maintain trail safety. All trail maintenance by the MTB Club will occur on campus and be checked by maintenance foremen for safety. 
Mr. Burton is a certified MTB Coach by the N.J.N.I.C.A. foundation and MTB race league which includes 26 teams from around the state. Mr. Russo, as assistant coach will also help coach the team on Wednesdays as well. 


ADVISOR: John Russo [email protected], and
Kim Deamer -

The Ramapo High School Robotics Club is a club for students that are interested in robotics.  The club uses Lego Mindstorm and Tetrix as an avenue to explore robotics.  The club meets once or twice a month between September and February for general meetings and to practice with Mindstorms, Tetrix and Robot C.  In February, we are given the competition rules for the annual North Jersey Robotics Competition at PCCC, and we begin to have weekly meetings and meet progressively more often leading up to the competition in middle May.  The competition is a great opportunity for students that have interest in engineering and design to be a part of a team an apply their creativity and ingenuity to solving novel problems using robotics. 


ADVISOR:  Karli Basilicato - [email protected] 

Upon entering High School, one is introduced to the constant peer pressure and temptation of smoking, drinking, drugs, and driving under the influence. This can be extremely overwhelming for many underclassmen and potentially threaten the success of upper classmen for their senior year. SADD is a club (that meets about once every two weeks) founded on the simple philosophy that young people, empowered to help each other, are the most effective face in prevention. Originally, the mission of SADD was to help students say “No” to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded, helping to prevent destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, teen violence, teen depression and suicide.


ADVISOR:  Gale Fanale - [email protected] 

The School Store, located near the upper Gymnasium, provides spirit items and spirit clothing for staff and students.  This school-based enterprise is used to teach students how to run a retail business while providing the high school community with a service. 


ADVISOR: James Cramer - [email protected]


ADVISOR (Editorial):  William Manzo - [email protected]
ADVISOR (Art/Production):  Lauren Gibson - [email protected] 

Each Spring, Serendipity publishes the best student writing, art, and photography submitted by any Ramapo student. The magazine provides an opportunity for two kinds of students - those appreciative of the arts and those who create them. Student volunteers edit the collection and everyone is invited to “submit to Serendipity.” Students meet weekly and four times a week near the deadline for publication in May. 


ADVISOR:  Peter Kanefke - [email protected] 

Open to all students, novice to expert, anxious to have more opportunity to ski. Club will plan five after-school trips to Mountain Creek through the winter months. Members will be able to take advantage of discounted rental fees/lift tickets. Membership may be limited if demand is high.


ADVISOR:  Danielle Migliacci - [email protected]

Students trade stock in an online, real time environment and also participate in various competitions throughout the school year.  In order to make sound investments, students use Internet research including news updates, technical and fundamental analysis, and also strategize with their team members.  Economic and financial concepts learned through this club will be used for the rest of their lives.  The structure is engaging, and the learning is a natural part of the experience. 


ADVISOR:  Melissa Ferro - [email protected]
Assistant:   Ornella Eustice - [email protected] 

Student Council provides a platform for the voice of the student body at Ramapo High School. It allows students to develop their leadership skills as they work closely together with their peers, teachers, and administrators. Student Council strives to promote a positive school atmosphere and school spirit. It offers a medium for the exchanging of thoughts and ideas to help the growth of student participation school wide. Student Council is responsible for making and approving school policy. Monthly Student Council meetings are run by the Executive Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Board of Education Representative as well as the Executive Board Members of Charity, Activities, and Publicity) who are elected in the spring of the preceding year. Homeroom Delegates are elected in the fall and participate in the monthly meetings. Appropriate class officers are also invited to general monthly meetings to establish open lines of communication between the classes and Student Council. They are responsible for activities such as Homecoming and all season pep rallies.  Along with social and academic activities, Student Council also raises money for a number of worldwide, state and local charities. 


ADVISOR:  Jill Matcovich - [email protected]  

TNT is comprised of natural student leaders throughout the building.  All members must be recommended by a faculty member.  Teens Need Teens meets several times a month to discuss and implement activities that promote a positive climate throughout Ramapo High School.  This includes new student breakfasts, the Pause Project, teacher appreciation notes, etc.



Please see page 13 of the Ramapo HS Student Handbook



The volunteer clubs are created when a student or students have an interest in starting a club. The advisors are unpaid. Volunteer Clubs frequently change from year to year due to the lack of interest and/or no advisor.  


Ancient Civilizations Club - Advisor: Nancy Blomquist - [email protected]
This is a club meant to be a fun and informative way to learn about the ancient civilizations of the world. The club is reminiscent of a classics program except the aim is to make learning fun and stress-free. We will study mythologies, philosophies, art, etc of many different cultures and examine how they overlap and diverge from each other. We will also look at modernized places, stories, etc and draw comparisons between now and the past. The civilizations that will be covered are Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian, Aztec, Celtic, and Inca.

Asian Club - Advisor: Ting Liu - [email protected]


This club will focus on Asian cultures, such as trending music/shows and current events/problems that the Asian community face.

Aviation Club -  Advisor: TBD - (Club not currently active)

The Aviation Club will meet bi-weekly and be primarily a discussion based club focusing on the ethics and strategy that goes into making the commercial aviation industry successful. Upon graduating, the students are interested in pursuing business opportunities in aviation and have a passion for aviation. Book Club - Advisor: Ms. Michels - [email protected]
A club for people to share and read their favorite books with others.
Computer Science Club - Advisor: Matthew Caulfield - [email protected]

Learn computer science, work on projects, and compete as a team in programming competitions.

Cultural Diversity Awareness Club - Advisor: TBA

(Club not currently active)


The Cultural Diversity Awareness Club is focused on highlighting the shared values associated with cultural differences to establish increased understanding, promote empathy and embrace how diversity enriches our local, national and global communities. The CDA will focus on education through bi-monthly club meetings featuring presentations, hosting guest speakers, organizing fundraising and community outreach. During the 2020-2021 school year, CDA participated in fundraising events including selling the Hate Has No Home Here signs and empanada sales for Cinco de Mayo. CDA educated and promoted celebrations including the Day of the Dead, Diwali, Chinese New Year, and Juneteenth.
Food for Souls - Advisor: Stephen Harvey - [email protected]
There will be a food drive every month where we will collect food items for those in need.

Games Club - Advisor: Matthew Caulfield - [email protected]


Ramapo Games Club is a lighthearted club focused on relaxing and having fun after school.  Weekly meetings focus on casual gaming against friends and competitive gaming against other clubs.  Website:

Generation Ratify Club - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active) 
Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and advance gender equality in the United States of America.

Girls in S.T.E.M. Club - Advisor: Emily Biunno - [email protected]

Women in STEM would be a place where students can come together to support and encourage with other in their pursuit for STEM.

Hellenic Club - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active)

The Ramapo Hellenic Club's mission is to give students the opportunity to learn about and explore different aspects of Greek culture, such as food, music, history, etc. The Ramapo Hellenic Club seeks to provide a safe place for students with a shared interest to come together.

Jobs Club - Advisor:Etienne Fougnies - [email protected]

Goal is to help our fellow students get their first job. It can be stressful, and we need guidance. That's where this club will teach you how to build your job resume, prepare for a job interview, and look for jobs for teens.

Lifting Club - Advisor: Catherine Copeland - [email protected]

To have help with lifting and be able to help people out who are new to lifting. Also, to help people reach their goals with lifting.

Light the Candle - Advisor: Erica Vitale - [email protected]

To create a calm environment for High School students to come to, to decompress while also creating a positive change in the world, bringing happiness to children on their birthdays.

MAD4Kids (Making a Difference for Kids) - Advisor: Christine Vita - [email protected]


MAD4Kids is a club created by kids for kids. The main objective of the club is to increase global awareness and sensitize Ramapo students about the plight of less fortunate children locally and around the globe. Students will lead, plan, and participate in various service projects that benefit kids of all ages in need.
Motivation Club - Advisor: Ting Liu - [email protected]
The Motivation Club at Ramapo High School has taken on the mission of spreading kindness throughout the school community. The club recognizes that acts of kindness can have a powerful impact on individuals and the entire school community.


RAALC Club - Advisor: Glenn Stokes - [email protected]
Raider Activity/Athletic Leadership Council  (RAALC).  For the past six years, the mission of RAALC is to use and cultivate the leadership abilities of our Ramapo Students in an effort to promote high character, integrity and a spirit of great pride and service for both our school and Flow Communities. 
Ramapo Collaboration - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active) Is a club to provide a platform for Ramapo High School students in all grades to brainstorm and support each other in various entrepreneurial projects, with the long range goal of discovering vocational interests. A secondary goal of the club is for students to produce a product that will help them stand out on their college applications. Project ideas include building apps, YouTube channels, blogs, small business ideas, and websites, as well as securing local summer jobs and community service opportunities. 
Ramapo Coloring Club - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active) Coloring club to promote mental wellness and to de-stress after school.

Ramapo eSports - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active) Ramapo eSports allows students to compete against students at other schools in selected video games. We compete against >200 districts in the Garden State eSports league for a fall, winter and spring season every year. Committing to participate in Ramapo esports is a serious commitment similar to joining an athletic team. Mandatory practices and competitions are held on a weekly basis.

Ramapo Fishing Club - Advisor: John Russo - [email protected]
Students that are interested in fishing and learning different techniques of fishing gather at local streams and ponds to fish together.
Ramapo Guitar and Bass Club - Advisor: Steve Palmieri - [email protected]
All things related to guitars/basses/amps/effects/performance practices. Meetings will occur at least once per month for at least 1 hour per session. New members are always welcome.

  Ramapo Philosophy Club - Advisor: David Babushka - [email protected]

A discussion-based club with routine presentations that pose philosophical questions that are then debated. Whereas clubs such as JSA focus on the modern political landscape, the Ramapo Philosophy Club seeks to discuss and logically dissect fundamental universal truths regarding ethics/morality, metaphysics, and existentialism.

Ramapo Republican Club - Advisor:  TBA (Club not currently active)
"Mission Statement: The Ramapo Republican Club's mission is to organize young people to learn about, explore, discuss, and promote traditional Conservative principles as they relate to economic policy, politics, and social issues.  The Ramapo Republican Club seeks to educate students, provide a safe place for discussion, empower students to take part in causes consistent with Conservative ideals,  and support the Republican Party. Our goal is to allow students of any political affiliation to discuss current political issues."

Ramapo Revolution Time Club
 - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active)
The idea for this club arrived out of an interesting class discussion in Humanities class. We talked about the out-dated American school system compared to the revolutionized system in Europe. The Club is a space where students can express their thoughts on what changes they would like to see in the future.

Ramapo Runway - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active)
Ramapo Runway puts on a charity fashion show in the spring that raises money for the Boys and Girls Club of Paterson. Throughout the year, the members work to gather donated clothing, find and prepare models, hire food trucks, design and create the runway, and hold fundraisers to make this happen.
Ramapo Women's Sports Coalition
- Advisor: Leslie Stephen - [email protected]

As current student-athletes ourselves, we can confidently say that Ramapo provides exceptional athletic and academic opportunities. We want to build upon the existing space at Ramapo in which the women who participate in sports can support each other, give back to the school community, and encourage more classmates to participate in sports and/or wellness activities. Issues that disproportionately or uniquely affect women in sports – body image, food and nutritional issues, equal treatment, and more – must be discussed within any high school athletic program, including that of Ramapo. We have thoroughly researched this concept. Evidently, no other high school presently has an organization quite like the one we are proposing. If approved, the Ramapo Women’s Sports Coalition could be a first-of-its-kind model for high school student-athletes across the country. Concept: Develop a new club composed of the women's sports teams at Ramapo High School and members of the school community who support women in sports.

Ramapo Young Birders Club - Advisor: Dan Poalillo - [email protected]
The club will meet every other week during spring and fall with a few “maintenance” meetings during the winter months.  During meetings, members will learn and teach how to identify local bird species using field guides (books) and presentations.  Members will discuss bird-watching etiquette and ethics, the use of optics, and bird-related conservation issues.  Whenever possible, members (with the advisor) will take walks on school property to search for and identify birds.
Red Cross Club - Advisor: Austin Murphy-Park - [email protected]
Seven Fundamental Principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, independence, Volunteer Service, Unity, Universality. To start we will reach out to the local Red Cross unit to register and see if someone can come help kick off this new club.
Relay for Life - Advisor: LeAnn Lebov - [email protected]

Relay for life is an American Cancer Society fundraiser that the RIH district has supported and hosted for the last several years. The students from both high schools, as well as community members from the RIH district and beyond, form teams and fundraise all year long. The event is typically held in May at one of the two high schools. The attendees take turns walking the track all night long (12 hours) in honor of, support of, and in memory of those who have passed from cancer.
RIH Music Network - Advisor: Erik Sloezen - [email protected] and Gregory Hudak - [email protected]
A musical performance-oriented club with audition based membership that scouts and nurtures talent to form multiple bands.
Sports Statistics Club - Advisor: Aidan Cole - [email protected]
The club will meet to discuss the trends of the sports that are going on. This includes players, teams and coaches.
Tabletop Game Club - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active)

The Tabletop Game Club is a club where students will be able to play tabletop games with each other. We will hold tournaments very often and give prizes to the winners. We plan this to have lots of friendly competition.

The High School Democrats - Advisor:  Kim Angerson - [email protected]


Ramapo's HS Democrats club has been at Ramapo on and off for a couple of decades. Their goal is to give students a safe place to discuss their political views as well as volunteer for campaigns, host speakers and run community service drives. Last year the club raised thousands of dollars to benefit local women's charities in need of personal hygiene products and clothes.  The club also had a number of speakers including a former Ramapo graduate who is the main speech writer for Janet Yellin, one of Biden's cabinet members.
Women in Business Club - Advisor: Meghan Shaara - [email protected]
Woman in business is a club that is designed to help aspiring females in business. While developing professional skills to help them prepare for college and the workplace; by providing students with the ability to network and learn from different workshops and motivational speakers. As well as creating a constructive and supportive environment for youndg girls to discover different branches of business.

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Advisor: TBA (Club not currently active)


Ultimate Frisbee Club meets in the spring and is dedicated to growing this up and coming sport. Members learn all about the basics of the sport and have an opportunity to scrimmage against others. All skill levels are welcome.