3/12/2024 - 3/15/2024 Bell & Class Schedule

3/12/2024 - 3/15/2024 Bell & Class Schedule
Posted on 03/08/2024
3/12/2024-3/15-2024 Bell and Class Schedule

Early Dismissal Seniors:  During testing you DO NOT have Early Dismissal if you have a class at that scheduled time. 


For example, if Per 3 is at 2:05 -2:39 pm and you have a CLASS Period 3, then you are to stay in school and attend class


If Per 9 is at the end of the day (2:05 - 2:39 pm) and you have Early Dismissal then you may leave like usual.



Late Arrival Seniors:  During testing Period 1   


If Period 1 is at 2:05 – 2:39 pm and you have Late Arrival, then you are allowed to leave school at that time, since your school day is over.