Programs and Services

“Child Find”

For Pupils Ages 14 - 21

Special programs for young adults, ages 14 through 21, are conducted at Ramapo High School for those who have an identified disabling condition and/or a measurable developmental delay in physical, social, communicational, and/or emotional areas, and who may require and would benefit from special education and related services. Eligibility for these services is determined by a Child Study Team evaluation of the child. Any resident who has a child, ages 14 through 21 years, who may require special services, should contact Susan Confrancisco at 201-891-1500, ext.2240. Project “Child Find” serves special needs children from birth to 21 years of age.

For those students who suffer from a less-disabling condition, but who manifest a “substantial limitation” that is either physical, emotional, neurological, or cognitive, “Intervention and Referral” and “504” services are available.

Special Education Services

If intervention strategies are deemed ineffective with the 504 accommodations, then a referral is made to the district Child Study Team for a planning meeting. A Planning Meeting takes place to determine if further evaluations are necessary, it does not imply or guarantee the school will determine formal evaluations are necessary to decide if a special education classification is warranted.

If the district determines that further evaluation is not warranted, more intervention strategies are typically recommended. If the district determines that further diagnostic evaluations are necessary, a testing plan will be established.

Requests for evaluations can be made if a student is suspected of having a disability that substantially impacts the student’s educational performance and mainstream interventions have been tried through either I&RS and/or the student’s guidance counselor. The exception to this would be a true emergency. Requests must be made in writing with a parental signature, addressed to the Supervisor of Special Services, Susan Confrancisco, 331 George Street, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07481. Email:  [email protected]

Request for Special Education Referral

Process and Timeline for Special Services

Once a request for a Planning Meeting is received, a meeting will be held within twenty days. The participants at the meeting include the parent(s), student, a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and The Child Study Team. The Child Study Team consists of a learning disability teacher-consultant, school psychologist, and school social worker. A “temporary” case manager is assigned and an evaluation plan is considered.

If further diagnostic evaluations are determined to be necessary, the evaluation process may take as long as ninety days, involving the collection of data, test results, observations, interviews, and any other pertinent information that was agreed upon in the evaluation plan. The process concludes with an eligibility determination meeting and, if eligibility criteria has been met, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed with the IEP Team Members.

NJ Parents’ Rights in Special Education Handbook -

NJ Parents’ Rights in Special Education Handbook - Spanish -

Special Education Programs:

The placement of students in appropriate settings within the least restrictive environment is an integral part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Ramapo High School offers a full continuum of educational services in the Least Restrictive Environment to students who have been identified as Eligible for Special Education and Related Services. These program options includes: Modifications within the General Education Setting, In-class Supplemental Instruction, In-Class Assistance, Resource Center Support, and Resource Center Subject Replacement, Self-Contained Class Placement, Home Instruction, and Out-of-District Placement.