Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Physical have to be on a certain form?  A. Yes, if the student is participating in a sport at RHS, the physical must be completed on the NJ Dept. of  Ed. mandated medical forms, which are available on the Ramapo website.

Q. Does my child have to hand in a new physical each year?  A. No,  unless your child is participating in a sport. The freshman entrance physical is valid for the four years at Ramapo.

Q. My child has a valid physical... Do I have to fill out a Health History Update form?    A. Yes, Physicals are valid for 365 days. However, each sport season a new Health History Update must be completed within 90 days of the sport start date. Yes, due to Covid every athlete is required to hand in a Health Update along with their physical. (NJSIAA has not updated their physical form to incorporate Covid)

Q. My child had Covid several months ago & it was home test ..Do I have to have his/her doctor complete the Post Covid Clearance Form? A. Yes, every athlete prior to participation must be Post Covid Cleared even if it has been several months or even a year...Please have child's doctor evaluate & mark their clearance level.

Q. My child broke their arm skiing last year.  My pediatrician cleared him and marked cleared for all activities on his physical, Is he cleared?  A. No, if your child was out of gym or sports due to any injury, concussion, or cardiac reasons, the treating doctor is required to provide clearance.

Q. Why does my child have to complete the ‘Return to Play’ with the Athletic Trainer, after my doctor has already cleared him/her from their concussion?  A. Per district policy, once the child provides a doctors note of clearance, that student must then begin the ‘return to play’ with the athletic trainer.

Q. My child has a headache, if I call the nurse and give verbal permission, can the nurse give my child Tylenol or Advil?  A. No, parent permission must be given through written consent. Please complete the medication form & send scanned form via [email protected] to nurses.