Graduation Information

Graduation Information
Posted on 06/07/2018
Graduation Information

8 June 2018

Dear Future Graduates, Parents, and Guardians:

The end of the academic year is quickly approaching!  This marks an important milestone in your life.  It is not only a time for celebration but also a time to honor each individual AND recognize the collective achievements of the Class of 2018.  Enclosed is information to help your family prepare for the end of the year.  Please take the time to review this material with care.

Participation in Graduation is a privilege.  Please be mindful that this is a significant moment for families and friends who have come to honor the Class. We expect that all students who choose to participate will respect the dignity of the event.  We ask parents to support our efforts by not hosting parties before or after graduation where alcohol or other illegal substances might be consumed. Furthermore, we ask that you do not condone attendance by your graduate at such an event. It is critical that all parents/guardians and students complete the Graduation Contract and return it to the main office before Thursday, June 14th

Click here to download Graduation Contract 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.  We have had a great year, due in large part to the leadership and good citizenship displayed by the senior class.  I am looking forward to honoring the many achievements of our graduates and celebrating this milestone.

Kindest regards,

Travis Smith


Class of 2018

End-of-Year Activities and Important Dates

REMINDER:  All obligations to the school MUST be met prior to the start of rehearsals – including: library fines, overdue books, detention, PE lock return, laptops, chargers, carriers, and athletic equipment, etc.  If these obligations are not met, the diploma will be withheld.





Tuesday, June 19

(minimum day for students)


10:00am -10:30am

10:30 – 11:30am

Senior Breakfast

Mandatory Graduation Meeting*

Cap and Gown Distribution



Room 301 & 304

Wednesday, June 20

(minimum day for students)



Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal *

Senior Breakfast (sponsored by APTS)

Upper Gym

Auditorium Courtyard

Thursday, June 21st



Arrival Time

Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal *


Upper Gym

Assigned Rooms


*Detailed rehearsal and graduation instructions are on the following pages.

Rehearsal and Graduation Information

Participation in the commencement ceremony is voluntary. If you intend to be on the field at graduation, your presence and total cooperation is mandatory.  You MUST attend all rehearsalsIf you do not plan on attending the graduation exercises, a note signed by a parent/guardian must be submitted to Mrs. Lambrix (Mr. Smith’s secretary) by Thursday, June 14th advising her of this fact.

Caps and gowns will be distributed on June 19, 2018, immediately following a mandatory Graduation Meeting.  You are the only person to whom these items will be issued. All obligations to the school must be met prior to obtaining your cap and gown!

Rehearsals – Wednesday, June 20th and Thursday, June 21st 

Wednesday, June 20th and Thursday, June 21st, please report promptly to the designated locations at the assigned times for graduation rehearsal.  Seniors who are absent or late for rehearsal may not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Rehearsals will take place as indicated on the previous page. Please do not bring your yearbooks to rehearsal


4:45 PM   Seniors report to their assigned rooms. Assistance with caps and gowns will be available.  Ladies may need to purchase bobby pins to secure their caps.  Please do not leave any valuables in the school.

6:15 PM   Processional line-up

**After graduation, a reception will be sponsored by the APTS at the front circle.  In the event of inclement weather, the reception will be held in the cafeteria.**


The Ramapo administration reserves the right to deem attire inappropriate, prior to or during the ceremony.  Any graduate who is inappropriately attired will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Ladies:  Please wear either a WHITE dress, dress skirt and blouse, or dressy pant outfit with dress shoes.  Since graduation takes place on the field, ladies should wear low heels so they do not sink into the turf.  Wearing colors or pastels will show through the white gown.

Gentlemen:  Please wear dress pants with a dress shirt (preferably white) and tie, with dress shoes.

Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip-flops, docksiders, and boots are not permitted at graduation

Graduation Ticket Information

1.         Each senior will receive 6 white engraved invitations to the graduation ceremony.  These tickets are specifically for seating in the spectator stands  (bleachers) at the football field.  These tickets will be handed out after the second graduation rehearsal.  Guests for an outdoor ceremony will need to present these white tickets for admission to bleacher seating.

2.         On the morning of graduation or the last rehearsal, seniors participating in the ceremony will also be given 3 rain tickets in case the graduation must be moved indoors to the RHS upper gym. It is essential that these 3 tickets be given to the 3 people whom the senior designates for attendance at the indoor ceremony.  NO ONE will be admitted to the indoor ceremony without a rain ticket.

3.         On the morning of graduation or at the last rehearsal, seniors participating in the ceremony will be given 3 closed-circuit tickets for the closed-circuit viewing of the ceremony, in the event of inclement weather.  The RHS auditorium and other designated classrooms will be used for closed-circuit TV viewing.  It is also important that these tickets be given to the people whom the senior designates for attendance at the closed-circuit viewing. NO ONE will be admitted to the closed-circuit viewing without the closed-circuit viewing ticket.

4.         Should anyone need special seating arrangements for wheelchair guests, provisions will be made for seating that person and one escort on the track.  If the ceremony is held indoors, we will provide reserved seating for the guest with special needs and a companion (guest and companion will need 2 rain tickets).  In order for us to plan for the needs of any physically challenged guests, we ask that you contact Mrs. Lambrix at extension 2224 no later than Thursday, June 14th to discuss the arrangements.

5.         Family photographers are requested to remain in the bleachers for all picture taking.  The track and turf field must be reserved for those participating in the ceremony.  A professional photographer will take a picture of each graduate receiving his/her diploma.

6.         Please be assured that every effort will be made to hold the ceremony outdoors, and to permit the widest possible audience for this important occasion.  The Ramapo Administration will closely monitor the weather forecast and will make a decision on an outdoor or indoor ceremony as soon as possible.

7.         If it is necessary to move the ceremony indoors to the upper gym, an announcement will be posted on the Ramapo Indian Hills district website (, and a reverse 911 phone message will be placed to all homes.