World Languages

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Welcome to the Ramapo Indian Hills High School World Languages Department.  The RIH District currently offers courses of study in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish at a variety of academic levels.  We pride ourselves on offering a program that focuses on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication while engaging our students in 21st century skills.  Our teachers utilize best practices in their content areas and create Integrated Performance Assessments.  We are encouraging our students to explore the language, the culture, and become global thinkers; by making cultural connections and comparisons, we become sensitive to diversity and learn more about ourselves as individuals and citizens in an ever-changing world.

World Languages Subject Supervisor

Michele Hill Thomas     
mthomas@rih.orgVoicemail extension:  2253

Ramapo World Language Department Staff Members


Lucy Liu - - Voicemail extension: 5208


Lynn Lions - - Voicemail extension: 5238

Victor Provenzano - - Voicemail extension: 5252


Elisa Britnell - - Voicemail extension: 5015

Leonardo Castano - - Voicemail extension: 5021

Danielle McCartan - - Voicemail extension: 5159


Luz Ciprian - - Voicemail extension: 5025

Concepcion Fernandez - - Voicemail extension: 5245

Josephine Kelly - - Voicemail extension: 5063

H Ospina - - Voicemail extension: 5082

Angela Rodriguez - - Voicemail extension: 5122

Michele Hill Thomas - - Voicemail extension: 2253

Clubs & Activities

Chinese Club - Advisor: Ms. Lucy Liu

French Club - Advisor: Ms. Lynn Lions

Italian Club - Advisor: Mr. Leonardo Castano

Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. Pamela Sibilia

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World Language National Honor Society

Advisor: Angela Rodriguez
The purpose of the World Language Honor Society is to recognize high achievement in the study of languages by students in our school and promote continuity and interest in the study of foreign languages.

Chapters:  Ramapo High School offers membership to the chapters for Société Honoraire de Française, Società Onoraria Italica and Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.

Membership:  An enrolled senior student (grade 12) who has maintained an A average for at least two out of three years at Ramapo High School is eligible for membership in the World Language National Honor Society.  Requirements also include character, cooperation, honesty, service and commitment to others in the criteria for selection into an Honor Society.  The student must be enrolled and excelling in the study of the language at the time of initiation.

Members will receive a Certificate of Membership during the induction ceremony, which is held every spring during the month of March.  Members may enjoy benefits within their societies.  They may vote, hold an office, have the right to wear their society’s honor cord and pin at graduation, and can be eligible to receive a scholarship or travel.  Members may participate in the awards programs of their society.

All decisions concerning membership are to be handled by the sponsor of the Chapter with the guidance of the WLNHS Advisor in accordance with the Honor Society’s guidelines and school policies.  A member may be removed from a Chapter at the discretion of the Chapter Sponsor and the WLNHS Advisor for failure to maintain an honor average, misconduct, insubordination or any other serious infraction.